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Having always been involved in the food world in one way or another, be it butchering, cooking, catering or BBQing, it was always the center point of our family get-togethers as well as my way of making a living, for the most part. As it be, my first born son Ed Jr. was raised in this environment (the work, the food, the BBQs, the talk, the parties, etc.) and became enamored by it so much that he chose to pursue it as well, graduating Cum Lauda From UNLV with a business hospitality and culinary degree and a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Masters.

Having this food thing in common, it was most often the topic of our conversations with each other and our connection point. Not having the opportunity to go to culinary school myself, I was able to live and learn vicariously through him while he attended his culinary classes. This common passion has always had us trading ideas and recipes for both food and restaurant concepts.

While not ever wanting to have any of my sons live my dreams for me, it has come with many discussions, a lot of patience, some heated debates (and perhaps a little bit of salesmanship) the decision to launch together:

The Butcher’s Kitchen “CHAR-B-QUE", a wood fired slow BBQ, Rotisserie & open char pit.

-Ed Ferencik Sr.

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11am - 8pm Monday - Saturday, and 11am - 9pm on Friday
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